10 dietary changes to ease the transition into menopause


Menopause is a natural process that marks the end of the menstrual cycle, as there is a dip in the reproductive hormones, estrogen, and progesterone in women. Menopaus usually happens when women are in their late 40s and early 50s.


Menopause is likely to be accompanied by symptoms including hot flashes night sweat, and vaginal dryness, to mention a few. Although symptoms can’t be fully prevented, dietary and lifestyle changes can go a long way to ease them.

“Menopause comes with many symptoms which can be controlled by dietary and lifestyle changes,” wrote dietitian Manpreet in her Instagram post. She suggested some dietary and lifestyle changes to make the transition smooth. Here’s the lowdown:

*Start your day with soaked figs and walnuts
Healthy fats and fiber prevent flatulence, cravings, and hot flashes

*Have 1 rajigira ladoo for mid meal
Helps maintain bone density and prevents osteoporosis

*Have sprouted lentils or dals for breakfast
It improves gut health and hormonal balance

*Have fermented ragi dosa for lunch
It is rich in calcium and healthy fiber improves energy levels and gut health

*Have red clover tea post-lunch
This will improve the hormonal imbalance caused by menopause

*Have a mango cinnamon smoothie for the evening meal
It prevents sugar cravings as it is loaded with antioxidants.

*Have broccoli mushroom soup for evening hunger
Broccoli is high in vitamin K which helps to reduce bone mineralization

*Have licorice tea post-dinner
It improves stress and prevents symptoms of menopause

*Sprinkle pumpkin and sunflower seeds in your salads
It improves stress and symptoms of menopause

*Have a piece of dark chocolate (cocoa>75%) or cacao in your smoothie
It helps relieve stress and improve vaginal dryness caused during menopause

The expert also shared two healthy recipes for fermented ragi dosa recipe and mango cinnamon smoothie; read on.

Fermented Ragi Dosa

*2 Tablespoon Ragi
*1 Tablespoon urad dal (soaked for 2 hours atleast)
*Chopped onion, ginger, capsicum, coriander leaves and green chilies
*Salt as per taste

*Grind the urad dal and add a little water
*Add Ragi flour to this batter. Add water to set the consistency
*Let the water ferment for at least 7-8 hours (overnight)
*In the morning add salt to the batter
*Heat the tawa and roll the batter onto it
*Put chopped vegetables and cook from both sides
*Serve with green chutney (coriander and mint)

Mango Cinnamon Smoothie

*1 Mango
*2 raw almonds (soaked overnight)
*Oats: 2 Tablespoons
*Oats Bran: 1 Tablespoon
*Almond milk/ Oats Milk / Organic Cow Milk*: 150 ml
*Chia seeds: – 1 teaspoon
*A pinch of cinnamon
*A pinch of turmeric
*A pinch of nutmeg

*Blend all the ingredients.
*Enjoy the drink


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