10 Natural Ways to Decrease Anxiety

Unpleasant anxiety symptoms might include unease, dread, terror, or an illogical sense of impending catastrophe. Whether anxiety appears as a tense tension that permeates everything, a queasy stomach, heart palpitations, or even a panic attack, the discomfort and suffering that come with it may be very challenging.

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Despite the fact that anxiety is not a spectrum disorder like other psychiatric issues, it does vary from person to person and fluctuate depending on the circumstance. Nevertheless, your particular brand of worry should always be taken into consideration regardless of where and how you experience it.

Making a few food adjustments, getting more exercise, spending more time outside, or practising regular meditation are just a few lifestyle changes that might eventually help lower anxiety. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques can both provide quick, all-natural relief from anxiety.

1. Take several deep breathes

When we are anxious, our breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Deep belly breathing reduces anxiety by triggering the body’s relaxation response and lowering our heart rate and blood pressure.

2. Take a stroll

Exercise is one of the finest anxiety remedies, both temporarily and permanently. Walking helps to decrease stress and shift attention from issues.

3. Distract yourself

Any activity, such as running your fingers over the edge of your phone, placing your hands under cold running water, or colouring or doodling on paper, might help you concentrate your attention away from painful thoughts or sensations.

4. Have a restful night’s sleep

We’re likely to feel less worried and more confident after a 7-9 hour sleep.

5. Spend time outside

Most people instinctively feel more at ease and less anxious when they are outside, but there is research to back that. Our heart rate, blood pressure, and level of the stress hormone cortisol all decrease when we spend time in a natural setting.

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Although there are home remedies that can help with anxiety, they shouldn’t be utilised in place of professional help. To alleviate elevated anxiety, therapy or prescription medication may be required. Talk to your doctor about your concerns.


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