5 treatments for children’s colds

Typical cold treatments: When your child has a common cold, you constantly worry about how to comfort them. You worry about the restless nights and the wasted days. You want to do everything you can to help your child feel better. But how can you know whether cough medicine for kids is both efficient and secure? There are some kid-friendly cough treatments that work well to bring back smiles and joy.

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The following are useful tips and treatments for children’s cold symptoms, including coughing, according to experts:

1. Rest
While curled up on the couch, put on your child’s favourite movie or TV show. Active play might make them cough more or feel more uncomfortable, so it’s better to provide a serene, cosy environment where they can engage in peaceful activities.

2. Liquids
No excuses should be made for not getting enough water, but it’s especially important when your child has a cold. Water helps thin the mucus production so that it may be properly expelled from the lungs. Distribute a lot of warm tea (kaadha) or broth or other non-sugary drinks.

3. Petrol Jelly
Because of runny noses and frequent nose blowing, the skin surrounding your child’s nose may become red and inflamed. The more painful their nose gets, the less willing your youngster may be to practise blowing their nose. By calming and massaging this delicate region, petroleum jelly can keep them at ease and at peace.

4. Honey
Parents who are seeking for natural remedies frequently turn to honey to assist their kids. It works naturally to relieve chest and throat pain.

5. Hot tea
We learned the value of kaadha from the aftermath of COVID. The relaxing properties of kaadha are appreciated by both adults and children (herbal tea). Warm kaadha tea can relax and comfort a youngster who is feeling under the weather owing to cold symptoms.

One of the most typical ailments is the common cold. With weather changes or even extensive play, particularly with water, the majority of children will have 6 to 8 colds a year.

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All of these cures, though they may ease your child’s suffering, cannot, in all cases, take the place of medical counsel.

(Disclaimer: The material in this article is general in nature and is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice. NEWS TIMES declines to attest to this.)


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