The price of the HOP OXO and OXO-X electric bikes in India is Rs. 1.25 lakh.

The HOP OXO and Hop OXO-X electric bikes have just been introduced to the Indian market by HOP Electric, one of the premier electric two-wheeler companies in the nation, with pricing beginning at Rs 1.25 lakh, ex-showroom. Customers interested in purchasing these electric motorcycles can do so online or at their local HOP Experience Center. HOP Electric Mobility asserts that it is attempting to revolutionise the Indian EV sector with these bikes. The HOP OXO and OXO-X have a very recognisable and conventional appearance in terms of design, making them potentially more appealing to a wider range of consumers.

According to Ketan Mehta, CEO and Founder of HOP Electric Mobility, “Electric is sweeping the Indian market. Consumer preferences for convenient, inexpensive, sustainable mobility alternatives are driving this expansion. The most innovative e-bike on the market, the HOP OXO, is the culmination of years of research and development, field testing, and labour from hundreds of HOP employees. As 5000 pre-launch registrations have already been done by our dealer partners, we anticipate great hypergrowth in this market. Our efforts to significantly improve our product offering are ongoing.


HOP OXO and OXO-X specs:

The five-inch, all-digital instrument cluster on HOP OXO is protected against water and dirt with an IP67 designation. The 6.2 kW motor on the electric motorbike generates a maximum torque of 200 Nm and operates on a 72V design. In total, there are four riding modes: eco, power, sport, and full-on turbo, which allows the HOP OXO-X to reach a top speed of 90 kph and go from 0 to 40 kph in just four seconds.

In terms of the battery pack, it is a lithium-ion system that includes 811 NMC cells and a clever battery management system. With this 3.75 kWh battery pack, the HOP OXO and OXO-X can go 150 kilometres on a single charge. Additionally, the OXO’s portable smart charger allows it to be charged using any 16 Amp power outlet. Less than 4 hours are needed to charge from 0% to 80%. Multi-mode regenerative braking, speed control, geo-fencing, an anti-theft system, ride data, and many more features are available on the electric motorbike.


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