A Mallrats character appears in Clerks III, according to Kevin Smith

There is a little Clerks III spoiler in this story. After a protracted production, Clerks III is now available in cinemas. With the 1994 release of the first Clerks, writer-director Kevin Smith officially launched his career. In their third feature picture collaboration, Smith invited the two main characters of the movie, Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson), back to the Quick Stop to serve customers once more. They previously returned in 2006’s Clerks II. The sequel’s limited theatrical release was arranged by Fathom Events and Lionsgate, and Smith has been promoting the movie around the nation.

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Although Dante and Randal are the main protagonists, there are other members of the View Askewniverse whom fans might anticipate seeing. That includes William Black from the Mallrats, who was portrayed by My Name Is Earl actor Ethan Suplee, as Smith disclosed on social media. Suplee’s appearance currently differs significantly from how it did in the 1990s, when he was much heavier and more muscular. Smith revealed that a buff William appears in Clerks III when posting a photograph of himself with Suplee and Jason Mewes on Instagram. Smith included Suplee’s real-life physique change into the script.

Smith notes that in order to incorporate a variety of personalities into the movie, there is a “auditions montage” with appearances from numerous actors. He says that Suplee’s William is one of these personalities, hinting that even if the actor’s look has changed, viewers would still be able to identify the Mallrats favourite by the way Suplee delivers his lines. the Instagram post reads:

“Every night, The Convenience Tour’s auditions montage, which features all the cameos of our celebrity pals, packs the house! And once (Ethan Suplee) appears as Willam Black, probably the loudest yells and clapping occur! Or perhaps William JACKED as Ethan is now a rock-hard muscle builder! But even though he appears to be in incredible shape, the minute he yells “WHEN, LORD?!?” everyone recognises him from his Mallrats lament! Visit Ethan and many other well-known people TODAY when my new movie, “Clerks,” opens in cinemas through Fathom Events.”


Does the presence of Mallrats characters in Clerks III portend the release of Mallrats 2? Smith asserts that’s conceivable. Twilight of the Mallrats is the name of the sequel that Smith previously said he planned to film, however as of right now, the project hasn’t received formal approval. Smith has expressed his hope that Clerks III would perform well enough during its theatrical run to prompt the production of the Mallrats sequel.

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Smith phrased it elegantly: “We’re praying to God that Clerks III is the Kaopectate or the Pepto Bismol, if you will, that loosens the Mallrats bowels and all of a sudden the sh*t begins gushing. “I know our producers Liz Destro and Jordan Monsanto have been speaking with the excellent people at Lionsgate,”

And he said, “Even though people frequently forget it, Universal owns Mallrats since it is a project of theirs. They constantly say, “Go ahead,” if I say, “I want to produce Mallrats,” in response. I respond, “Yeah, but you people own it.” And they say, “We do?” It’s not really a movie they pay much attention to because it isn’t quick or furious, but Clerks III could make things a little bit simpler. I’m still holding out hope, but I don’t believe Brodie Bruce is gone forever.”



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