A Quiet Place: 6 Scariest Scenes in the Franchise, Ranked


A Quiet Place is one of those horror franchises that will send chills down your spine without the use of horror tropes like skulls and bones, paranormal activity, and cemetery shots; in fact, it rides high on survival through a predominantly silent narrative. There are, presently, two entries in the franchise. The first iteration, A Quiet Place sees the lead character of Lee Abbott (played by John Krasinski), Evelyn Abbott (played by Emily Blunt), and their family (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) navigating a post-apocalyptic world in which blind monsters that are sensitive to noise roam the earth, preying on every living thing it hears. The sequel, A Quiet Place Part IIpicks up right where the first film ends, furthering the Abbott family’s journey away from home and in search of a safer place to live.

Per EWa third film, titled A Quiet Place: Day One is in the works, serving as both a spinoff and prequel of the first two movies in the franchise. While Krasinski will step down as director for the film, Pig director Michael Sarnoski is slated to helm the project. A Quiet Place was hit with critics and audiences alike, as it offered a unique horror franchise for them to tune in to. Though details about the spinoff/prequel are scant, let’s look at the six scariest scenes from the franchise (so far), ranked.



6 The Island Attacks — A Quiet Place Part II


Chasing radio signals, Emmett (Cillian Murphy) and Regan (Simmonds) leave the soundless world they have adapted to and embark on a journey, hoping to meet survivors in this chaotic world. Far from their miserable lives, they locate an island full of people who are still embracing pre-apocalyptic times. Looking at this, an unimaginable wave of happiness fills them, but little did they know that this would be short-lived: a creature had hitchhiked along with them and consequently terrorizes the island and its people. The entire scene finds nothing but chaos and the deaths of islanders. Taking the matter into their hands, Emmett and the group resolve to honk and drive the car to the outskirts of the island in order to draw away the creatures. Unfortunately, death follows them there too. What’s scary about this scene is the mass devastation one monster causes, highlighting just how ferocious they are.

5 Beau’s death — A Quiet Place


While the Abbott family is on a drugstore expedition for necessary supplies, Beau, the youngest child, secretly snatches a noise-making airplane from the store. This scary sequence takes place on the quiet bridge when the family is on their return trip home. Beau falls behind the group and innocently plays around with his new toy, completely unaware of the consequences and danger of his actions. As his toy blares in the otherwise silent landscape, Lee runs towards him before a nearby monster can. What follows is a scary introduction to the world the Abbotts live in: the monster, hidden in the forest, lunges towards Beau in a matter of seconds.


4 Lee Abbott’s Death — A Quiet Place


This scene slowly evolves into a situation where Lee realizes he needs to die in order to save his children. On one side of this bargain hangs the life of Lee Abbott, and on the other, his vulnerable children, Marcus (Jupe) and Regan, who are trapped in a truck and getting attacked by a creature. In this short and simple, yet wholly impactful, scene, the father’s love shines brighter, and Lee chooses to sacrifice himself by screaming at the top of his lungs. The creature charges towards him, while the children retreat to safety, away from the battleground but watching their father die.

3 The Bear Trap — A Quiet Place Part II


The Abbotts, who are on a journey away from home, decide to take refuge in a deserted factory. However, it is not as uninhabited as they assumed: a man with a sniper rifle lurks inside and has laid down traps along the perimeter, intended for the monsters. In their desperate attempt to run for shelter from a nearby monster, Marcus accidentally steps on a bear trap, causing him to scream out in pain. Though they manage to kill one of the monsters, there are still too many of them making the hunt. The scary sequence sees skulking threats and the survival chase of the Abbotts from this ambush.


2 Trapped in the Factory — A Quiet Place Part II


It is a tightly packed sequence that splits the family into three groups: Emmett and Regan heading towards the Island, Evelyn on a journey to find an oxygen cylinder, and Marcus and baby Abbott in their haven of a factory. Emmett and Regan get attacked by the men at the dock. Attracted by the noise of the fight, the creatures jump in too. On the other side, hiding from the monsters lurking outside the haven, Marcus and the baby are trapped in the tight space, having alarmingly low oxygen. To amp the fear factor, Evelyn is also pitted against the creatures as she searches for a oxygen tank. With each sound the characters make, they get equally closer to death.

1 Evelyn’s Birthing Scene — A Quiet Place


Evelyn, alone in the house, is enduring the excruciating pain of labor, and, adding to her misery, she has accidentally stepped on a nail on the staircase. As she attempts to recover from this crisis, the troubles have decided not to leave her side, and she gets cornered by the monsters. She distracts them and runs, and ends up in a bathtub, where a trail of blood flows from her body. Per Slash Filmthe sequence sets the nail-biting and brutal stage for Evelyn. If she submits to the pain and screams, she and the baby die; if not, she has to harbor the unimaginable pain till help arrives. It is as if the longer she holds her agitated nerves, the higher her chances of survival.

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