According to a study, half of British people are “disappointed” with Truss as prime minister.

According to a YouGov survey, only 4% of Britons think they are “extremely glad” to have Liz Truss as their next prime minister.

According to a YouGov survey released on Monday, Britons don’t seem to be very excited about Foreign Secretary Liz Truss being the future prime minister. When informed that Truss will form the next cabinet, 50% of respondents in the UK said they were “upset,” while 33% said they were “extremely disappointed.”

Only 4% of respondents said they were “extremely glad” to see Truss at Downing Street, while 10% and another 18% of Britons said they were “somewhat satisfied” with the move.

According to a recent YouGov poll, the majority of people in the UK (67%) expressed significant scepticism about Truss’ capacity to address the growing cost of living, which is a top concern for Britons. Nearly 40% of respondents indicated they had “no trust” in the capacity of the new prime minister to resolve the problem at all.

With 81,326 votes, Truss defeated Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the race for the Conservative leadership. Sunak had the support of 60,399 Conservative Party members. However, according to YouGov, her support among Conservative voters also doesn’t seem to be universal.

Only about a third of Conservative voters think they are confident in her abilities to address the cost-of-living problem, and only about four out of ten say they are happy with her victory. In this aspect, more over half of them (54%) lack much faith in her abilities, and around a third are dissatisfied with the way she is running the country.

Truss is about to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister, and about 40% of Britons think she would be “about the same” as him. Only 14% of respondents are ready to give her extra credit, while slightly more than a quarter (27%) believe she may be even worse.

After Margaret Thatcher, a political titan of the Cold War, and Theresa May, Johnson’s predecessor, Truss is the third woman to hold the position of prime minister in the United Kingdom. Tuesday will see her formally take over after a visit with Queen Elizabeth II at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle.

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