Afghanistan’s PUBG will soon be banned, according to the Taliban.

For a variety of reasons, including inciting violence and national security, nations like India and Pakistan banned PUBG. The Taliban will forbid the game in a same manner. The Taliban will prohibit Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, often known as PUBG Mobile, within the next three months because it promotes violence.

After meeting with representatives of the security sector and the organisation responsible for enforcing Sharia Law, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Telecommunications said that PUBG Mobile and TikTok will be banned there within 90 days.

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According to Afghan news outlet Khaama Press, the Taliban has agreed to implement the TikTok ban in a month, while the PUBG Mobile ban may not go into effect for up to 90 days. According to sources, the government of Afghanistan has informed the country’s internet and telecoms service providers of the upcoming ban and that it must be implemented in line with the timetable.

Of course, the irony was instantly pointed out considering how the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Prior to the news on the ban on PUBG Mobile and TikTok, the Taliban has already restricted Afghan people’ access to more than 23 million websites. The interim administration said that the websites were displaying what they deemed to be immoral content.

The government prohibited 23.4 million websites, according to the minister of communications for the Taliban regime, Najibullah Haqqani, because “they change pages every time.” As a result, if you block one website, another will still be accessible.

India did so before Afghanistan did in 2020, though. The Indian government said that PUBG Mobile was harmful to India’s sovereignty. However, PUBG Mobile returned as Battlegrounds Mobile India after gaining official permission.

BGMI was just made illegal, though, and the authorities used the same reasoning as when it banned PUBG Mobile. The ban has been in effect for more than a month, and Krafton, the company that owns BGMI, has said that it is working with the authorities.

In contrast, Pakistan has also outlawed PUBG Mobile because it promotes violence among young people.

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