Against terrorism, PM Modi promotes collaboration with Bangladesh.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Tuesday that India and Bangladesh should work together to combat terrorism and fundamentalist groups that pose a threat to their mutual trust. Following their private discussions, Sheikh Hasina, the visiting prime minister of Bangladesh, pushed hard for the swift conclusion of the Teesta water sharing deal, and Modi made these statements.

“Collaboration in the fight against terrorism and extremism was also emphasised today. We must also band together in order to combat these forces that aim to undermine our shared trust if we are to maintain the spirit of 1971 “Added Modi.

Following the meetings between Modi and Hasina, India and Bangladesh inked seven agreements, including one on the sharing of the Kushiyara River’s waters, which is anticipated to help southern Assam and the Sylhet district of Bangladesh.

Modi mentioned the 54 rivers that run along Bangladesh’s and India’s shared border and have historically supported both nations’ populations.

“I remember that the two nations have worked together and been friendly to find solutions to numerous problems. We hope that as soon as possible, all remaining issues, including the Teesta water sharing agreement, would be resolved “Hasina made this statement at a joint media event at the Hyderabad House.

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