Axar Patel expressed his pain, told why it was difficult to stay out in the last match



Team India’s star all-rounder Axar Patel is performing brilliantly in all formats. Despite this, Axar Patel has expressed his pain. Axar Patel says that it is difficult to stay out of the team after playing two matches. However, Axar Patel’s effort is to capitalize on every opportunity he gets to play for the Indian cricket team.

Despite taking more than 50 wickets in ODI cricket since 2014, Akshar’s place in the team is not confirmed. “You play two matches and then suddenly it’s a bit difficult to sit out,” he said after their 13-run win over Zimbabwe in the third ODI.

Axar Patel further said, “After this, after playing two or three matches, one has to sit outside. It is tough but I convince myself by saying that this is my chance to perform at my best.

In the exercise of work load management, the Indian team management keeps rotating the players. Akshar said that in these conditions it is important to play with a positive mindset and take every match as an opportunity.

Congratulations to Shubman Gill

Axar Patel said, “If I perform well here, I will get a chance to play the next match. I can complain all the time when I am out of the team but I take it as a positive that I am getting a chance to play for India. If I perform well, I will continue to play.

Regarding Shubman Gill’s 130 runs in 97 balls, he said, “The way he is batting and getting a couple of runs. He is not leaving too many balls empty which is very important in my opinion.

Akshar said that the Indian bowlers executed their strategy well in the three-match series. He said, “The bowlers executed the strategy completely. Nice to see Avesh Khan’s yorkers and slow deliveries. The way Shardul Thakur also bowled, it was very good. Deepak Chahar came back and took three wickets, which felt very good.


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