Because of this, dried ginger is known as “the genuine hero.”


Ginger is a popular spice and an indispensable part of Indian kitchens. From adding flavour to tea to being used in healthy concoctions for immunity — it serves a host of purposes. While we usually employ the use of fresh gingeryou must not miss out on the many benefits of dry ginger.


Talking about the same, Ayurvedic expert Dr Rekha Radhamony shared that she recently recovered from seasonal cold and flu by drinking only dry ginger water. “Dry ginger is considered better than fresh ginger in Ayurveda,” she wrote, as she listed four reasons why “dried ginger is the real hero”.

Here are some health benefits of dry ginger, according to the expert.

Vata decreasing: According to Dr Radhamony, fresh ginger increases vata, while dried ginger balances vata. “Hence, chewing fresh ginger or drinking fresh ginger tea for gas and bloating is not a great idea. Try dry ginger water instead.”

Great for constipation: “Despite being absorbent (grahi), dry ginger is a mild laxative and great for constipation,” she said. As such, if you are finding it difficult to pass bowels in the morning, drink a glass of dry ginger water.

Non-drying: Due to its snigdha or non-drying property, dry ginger is considered good for long-term use. “Fresh ginger is drying (rooksha) and, hence, can be used only once in a while,” she added.

Reduces mucous: She explained that dried ginger is kapha decreasing and, on the other hand, fresh ginger is kapha increasing. “Hence, dry ginger water works great in seasonal flu, cold, cough and most upper respiratory tract disorders.”

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