Better Call Saul Showrunner Teases Spinoff, Says Fan Favorite Still Has ‘More to Do’

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the series finale of Better Call Saul.

The Breaking Bad universe has concluded, as of now anyway, with the series finale of Better Call Saulon Monday night. While the future looks grim in some ways for the former lawyer turned inmate, the show’s ending is also a bit hopeful as it showed that Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill really was capable of change, even if it came at great cost. After Jimmy gets a surprise visit from the love of his life, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), the future of both characters following that moment was left up to the viewers to imagine what happens next.


Speaking with following the finale, showrunner and co-creator Peter Gould touched on the show’s ending. Gould said it was intentional to add some ambiguity to the finale, leaving it up to interpretation about the future of Jimmy and Kim. Even Gould likes to imagine that Kim still has feelings for her ex and what that might mean for their relationship and hopes that viewers are similarly wondering about these characters.

“Hopefully it’s not too terribly ambiguous. To me, Kim is shaken up and she’s upset by seeing this person who she’s loved – and maybe she still loves him. I think she probably does. But they’re not in a relationship and they probably never will be again. She’s upset by seeing him in prison, but his spirit is still there and he is Jimmy McGill. In a perfect world, these characters are both alive and you kind of keep writing the story in your head a little bit and keep thinking about the things that could happen and the potential.”

Fans can imagine all they want, but will there ever be any more story that will actually be told in the Breaking Bad universe? Better Call Saul creators Gould and Vince Gilligan have both said they want to pursue other projects at this time, but Gould is much more optimistic about the possibility of one day doing another spinoff. It would just have to depend upon getting an idea that’s strong enough to stand on its own. One possibility, as Gould points out, would be to check back in with Kim Wexler, who still has “more to do” in the Breaking Bad universe.

“And as for if there’s more to the story, there might be. I don’t want to speak for Vince, but I think we both would like to take a little break from this universe to explore something else. But if we come back, it will be because we’ve got something that we’re excited about and that there’s more to say. I’m not going to say that couldn’t happen. It certainly could. I feel like I need to give it a little rest. Certainly never say never. And I think if you watch this episode, Kim Wexler seems like she’s got more to do, that’s for sure.”

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Is Jimmy McGill Stuck in Prison Forever?

Going to prison for likely the rest of his life is obviously not great news for Jimmy McGill. With that said, Gould has teased that perhaps prison won’t be where the former conman winds up spending the rest of his life. Knowing Jimmy and his courtroom prowess, especially coupled with the potential assistance from Kim Wexler’s brilliant legal mind, Gould can’t help but wonder if that 86-year sentence is really going to stick.

“In some ways it’s a very hopeful ending because in spite of the fact that he’s in prison, which is terrible, Jimmy is Jimmy again. He’s recovered his soul. And the rest of the world may not know that. I mean, everybody in prison calls him Saul, even the guards. But there’s Kim and she calls him Jimmy, so she still sees him and he is Jimmy. He’s become maybe the person he never quite had the nerve to be until now. And I don’t know about you, but I feel like this guy is so clever, I kind of wonder how long he’s really going to be in prison.”

Time will tell if a spinoff series happens, but chances are Kim will be a part of those discussions if Gilligan and Gould ever decide to go back and revisit that world.

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