Biden forewarned Xi of a “giant error.”

The Chinese president allegedly received a warning from the US president that Beijing would pay dearly for breaking the anti-Russian sanctions.

President Joe Biden recalled trying to establish ground rules with China early on in the Russia-Ukraine dispute by telling President Xi Jinping that defying Western anti-Moscow sanctions would be a “gigantic mistake.”

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In an interview with CBS News that aired on Sunday night, Biden stated, “I said that if you think that Americans and others will continue to invest in China based on your violating the sanctions that have been imposed on Russia, I think you’re making a gigantic mistake, but that’s your decision to make.”

When he contacted Xi in March, months after the Chinese president had a meeting with Putin in Beijing on February 8 to discuss the Winter Olympics, Biden repeated that warning. He asserted that his goal was to warn Xi about the serious consequences Beijing would face if it violated the sanctions rather than to scare China.

When questioned about the possibility of a “new, more intricate Cold War,” Biden dismissed the idea, despite the fact that China and Russia’s ties seem to be improving. He said that Beijing had partially heeded his warning. So, maybe I shouldn’t say much more. “So far, there’s no sign they’ve put up weaponry or other items that Russia has desired.”

Washington and Beijing, though, have frequently fought over Ukraine. Throughout the war, China has been a significant consumer of Russian products, and Chinese authorities have claimed that the US and NATO started the issue by expanding their military alliance to Moscow’s borders.

On the call in March, Xi claims he informed Biden that the Russia-Ukraine crisis needed to be resolved as quickly as possible. He refrained from blaming Russia for the conflict and proposed that the US and its allies work to assist Moscow find a solution to its security issues in order to stop the violence.

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