China’s claims about Arunachal Pradesh are deemed “outrageous” by German Envoy Ackermann – News-Times


New Delhi: German’s new ambassador to India Dr Philipp Ackermann, in response to a Zee Media question, has called China claiming the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as “outrageous” and that “infringement at the border is extremely difficult and should not be accepted”. The comment came amid the worsening of ties between India and China, with the latter’s aggressive actions at the Line of actual control in eastern Ladakh. Beijing, of course, has been claiming India’s Northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh terming it “south Tibet” something that has been regularly dismissed by New Delhi.


In his first presser since taking charge, Ambassador Ackermann pointed to the difference in “dimensions” when it comes to Chinese aggression at the Line of actual control in Eastern Ladakh and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He said, “You should also differentiate that what happens at the border with China has nothing to do with what happens in Ukraine. China doesn’t hold 20% of the Indian territory. China is not destroying systematically every village, every town in the area they hold. This is by dimension is completely different what we see”

Comparing the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the Nazi German invasion of Poland during the start of world war 2, Ambassador highlighted that, “in my lifetime, I would have not thought it would have been possible”, pointing, “I think Indian side very well recognizes this problem of violation of international law, basically it is also an Indian problem. You have it in your northern border, something you have been experiencing every couple of years”.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started in February has had a huge impact on Europe even as the refugee crisis compounds the continent’s problems. Elsewhere, especially in the global south, the impact has been seen as food and fuel prices escalate. The Ambassador said, “when we talk with the Indian side, there is an understanding..that international order must be held up and preserved”.


Asked about the Russian invasion of Ukraine being a European problem, Ambassador Ackermann said, “there is a western angle to it, no doubt… there is also a very global concern, food prices are one, it is not a European problem, Senegal, Lebanon and even Ecuador. The second thing is a violation of international law, it has nothing to do with the west, it’s a universal principle”.

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