Connect your android phones to Windows PC without data cable, here’s HOW


New Delhi: Be it home or office, android phones become an integral part of our life. We use phones for many crucial purposes including communication, and data storage. But many times we need to connect android devices to laptops, MacBooks, or Chromebooks for sharing of data. As per the tradition that is going on, we connect it with the data cable.

But many times we forget to carry the data cable with us or sometimes we are at the place where we can’t have the data cable. What to do in that situation?  Do you know that even without a data cable we can connect mobile phones to laptops, MacBooks, or Chromebook? Wondering to know? Find out more about the step-by-step guide to connect wirelessly by reading this.

Here’s the process to connect android smartphones to windows PC

The method to connect android phones to windows PC is fairly easy to follow. You have to download apps with which you can connect easily. While following the process keep in mind to download the Microsoft Phone Link on both the devices– android smartphone and laptop too from Microsoft Store or Google Play Store. After downloading, make sure to connect the devices with the help of a QR code. 

Here’s how to connect the android smartphone with the windows PC wirelessly:

– Open the Microsoft Phone Link app.

– Register yourself on it.

– Login with the same ID on both devices.

– Open the app on your PC, you will find two options– Link two devices manually and Using a QR code.

– Click on the ‘Using a QR code option.

-Scan the code and accept the request.

Click on the Done option and both the devices are connected now. You can sync both devices at the same time.

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