Cricket World Cup 2023: These two big teams can miss out on direct entry

Cricket World Cup Super League: Cricket World Cup 2023 is to be organized in India next year. 10 teams will participate in this. 8 out of these 10 teams will be decided by the World Cup Super League Points Table, while the other two teams will participate with the help of the World Cup qualifier round. Being the host of the Indian team, has already confirmed its place for the World Cup. So, what is the condition of the teams for the other spots? See here…

Sri Lanka and South Africa are out of top-8
England is at the top of the Cricket World Cup Super League. Along with England, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, Australia are also present in the top-8 in this points table. Bangladesh and Afghanistan are also currently betting on direct entry in the World Cup 2023. Here two big teams Sri Lanka and South Africa are out of the top-8. In such a situation, both these teams can miss the direct entry for the World Cup. They may have to play qualifying rounds.

rank crew match live losers Points
1 England 18 12 5 125
2 Bangladesh 18 12 6 120
3 Pakistan 17 11 6 110
4 Afghanistan 12 10 2 100
5 New Zealand 10 9 1 90
6 West Indies 22 9 13 90
7 India (Q) 13 9 4 89
8 Australia 12 7 5 70
9 Ireland 21 6 13 68
10 Sri Lanka 18 6 11 62
11 South Africa 13 4 7 49
12 Zimbabwe 16 3 12 35
13 Netherlands 18 2 15 25

Such is the format of the World Cup Super League
13 teams have been placed in the World Cup Super League. Some bilateral series played between these 13 teams from 2020 to 2023 are part of the World Cup Super League. Points are being given in the World Cup Super League based on the performance of the teams in the matches played in these series. 10 points are awarded to the winning team, zero points to the losing team and 5-5 points to both teams in draw/tie/uncontested matches. Here the top 8 teams will enter the World Cup 2023 directly. The rest of the teams will have to play qualifying matches with the other 5 associate teams. That is, there will be qualifiers matches between a total of 10 teams and 2 of these teams will reach the World Cup 2023.

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