Delhi to have an EV charging station in every 3 km: Transport Minister


To make the national capital have a maximum number of EVs, the Delhi government has set a target of having one charging point within a radius of three kilometers. The Delhi government lost two important years due to the Covid pandemic but it will be able to achieve the target of 25 percent electric vehicles among total vehicle registrations by 2024.

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said that Delhi already has over 2,000 charging stations for the public’s convenience and plans to add more EV charging stations within a radius of three km. 

“The most important target is creating a good network of charging stations. Delhi already has more than 2,000 charging stations. Around 100 charging stations are being created. We have a target of making a charging point available in a radius of three kilometres,” the minister said during an interaction at the Delhi EV Forum organized here.


Asked what was holding back the sales of electric vehicles despite several awareness campaigns and incentives, Gahlot said a lot of people are not adopting EVs due to the range issue and the unavailability of charging stations along the highways or outside Delhi.

The range of an electric vehicle is the approximate distance it can cover on a single full charge. “The range issue must be addressed by the manufacturers… Comfortable range solutions should be provided,” he said.


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