Delhi Traffic police launches special drive, penalise motorists over THIS


To reduce noise pollution in the national capital, Delhi traffic police today launched a special drive to penalise motorists who use pressure horns and modified silencers. A fine of Rs 1,000 will be imposed on violators as modifying silencers come under registration certificate (RC) violation. Delhi Traffic police has gained positive response from the netizens. 

The Delhi traffic police took to Twitter to inform people about the drive. “Starting today, #DelhiTrafficPolice shall be penalising those who use pressure horns and modified silencers in their vehicles. #DelhiMeinShorNahi,” it said.

A senior police officer said although action was already being taken, the focus will now increase. “Challans will be issued to those found creating noise pollution by violating the norms and using pressure horns or modified silencers,” the officer said.


“We will interview doctors and ask them about the ill-effects of noise pollution. We will air the interview to educate people so that they stop using modified silencers and pressure horns,” another officer said.

Many people took to the micro-blogging site to laud the city police’s decision and also gave suggestions regarding other issues. A user wrote, “Pls do same for modified Headlights and high beam usage.” Another user tweeted, “Good. Please conduct a drive against those who ride on footpaths and also those who ride/drive on the wrong side.”


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