Design for Terminal 5 at Singapore Changi Airport revealed! slated for completion by 2035


Air travel has increased manifold since the Covid-19 cases have started decreasing. To manage passenger inflow, the aviation sector has been working on increasing staff and even designing new terminals to accommodate passengers conveniently. Having said that, though first announced in 2013, Singapore’s much-awaited Changi airport Terminal 5 look is finally revealed. Changi Airport took to Twitter and revealed the aerial look of Changi airport’s upcoming Terminal 5, which is said to be operational by the mid-2030s. “Here’s an aerial view of what #ChangiT5 looks like when it’s operational around the mid-2030s. RT if you think it looks amazing!” read the tweet. 

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently said that “Changi airport T5 is integral to the nation’s long-term development plans for aviation,” reports Simpleflying. He further mentioned that when T5 will become fully operational it will be able to manage nearly about 50 million passengers a year which T1 and T3 combined can handle. The construction is expected to begin in 2024. 


What do we know about Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 5?

Terminal 5 (T5) will be located within the 1,080-hectare Changi East development, and will be able to handle about 50 million passenger movements per year. T5 will be designed and built in two phases, in line with traffic growth. Terminal 5 is expected to be operational by mid-2030’s. The T5 has been designed in a way where it can also be operated with smaller sub-terminals, if required. The terminal will further have advanced facilities including the contactless systems at passenger touchpoints and enhanced ventilation systems. 

T5 will be an environment-friendly terminal as it will be using Sustainable aviation fuels for aircraft. To give passengers the comfort anf convenience of travelling, autonomous vehicles and robots to handle baggage will be used to increase productivity and efficiency.

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