Drug-coated balloon technique can replace stent usage, says expert


A relatively new technique of drug coated balloon can replace stent usage in upt 20-30 per cent of the angioplasty procedures, according to Dr Sameer Dani, director and chief interventional cardiologist at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute in Ahmedabad.

Dr Dani was addressing a press conference on Friday along with Italy-based interventional cardiologist Dr Antonio Colombo, who was in Ahmedabad conducting a workshop on drug-coated balloon technique for percutaneous coronary intervention. Stenting technique is being incorporated in nearly 95 per cent of angioplasty procedures in India.

Noting that metal stents are used indiscriminately now, Dr Dani pointed out that a disadvantage of stents, including drug eluting stents (DES), is that they cause arteries to lose some of its functions in subsequent years.

“Drug coated balloon technique is an alternative new technique but further studies are required to observe a long-term follow-up period of at least three to four years. The technique especially becomes significant in light of younger individuals undergoing angioplasty,” added Dr Colombo.

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