EPL: Newcastle hold City to a draw, Chelsea suffer an upset; Such is the position of the league table



English Premier League: In the English Premier League 2022-23 (EPL 2022-23), the hands of the big teams remained empty in all three matches held on Sunday night. Manchester City had to be content with a draw against Newcastle. On the other hand, Chelsea suffered a 0-3 defeat at the hands of Leeds. Westham United also suffered a defeat against Brighton.

Manchester City vs Newcastle United
Last time Premier League champions Manchester City had to struggle hard against Newcastle United. By half time, City was trailing 1-2. When Newcastle’s Kieron Trippier scored in the 54th minute, City trailed 1-3. However, after this, thanks to goals from Arling Holland and Bernardo Silva, City ended the match in a draw. Due to this draw match, City could not get the top position in the league table. He is at the second position in the league table.

Chelsea vs Leeds
Sunday night has been a nightmare for Chelsea. Chelsea players were a complete flop in front of Leeds United. Goals from Aaronson and Rodrigo took Leeds a 2-0 lead at half-time. After this, Jack Harrison made this lead 3-0 in the second half. The match ended on this score. Chelsea have now slipped to 12th place in the league table. Leeds has secured the third position.

Westham United vs Brighton
This season has proved to be very bad for Westham United. This team has lost all its three matches of this season. Brighton & Hove Albion beat Westham 2-0 on Sunday. Aleister and Trossard’s goals helped Brighton win. Westham has now reached the last ie 20th place in the league table. At the same time, Brighton is included in the top-5. Let us tell you that Arsenal is on the first position.

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