For FASTag users, SBI has created an SMS service; details may be found here.

SBI, the State Bank of India, has launched a new service. Users will now be able to know the amount of their FASTag in just a few seconds thanks to a new SMS service that the bank is launching to check it. On Saturday, September 9, the bank tweeted information about this. Customers using SBI’s FASTag may now check their FASTag balance by sending an SMS to 7208820019 from their registered phone, according to a public lender’s tweet.

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You must send an SMS to the number 7208820019 with the text “FTBAL” if you want to find out the balance of a FASTag placed on a car. Additionally, if you own many vehicles and want to check the FASTag balance for each of them, you must type – FTBAL and submit it to 7208820019.

When sending a message, keep in mind that you must use the mobile number that is registered with SBI FASTag. Your FASTag balance will be available to you in a matter of seconds.

What is FASTag?

The FASTag is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sticker that is applied to cars. In recent years, it has quickly grown in India as a means of collecting toll taxes. The next time you travel through the toll plaza, you may avoid paying cash by sticking it to the window of your car. Your tag is scanned by the FASTag scanner, and any associated accounts have money taken right out of them.

From January 1, 2022, FASTag installation on cars will be required under the Ministry of Road Transport’s Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989. M and N class four-wheelers and bigger vehicles that transport either people or commodities are required to abide by the regulations of the Ministry of Road Transport.

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