Former coach told how Virat Kohli used to work hard to improve slip fielding



R Sridhar on Virat Kohli: Team India’s former fielding coach R Sridhar has narrated an anecdote related to the dedication of Virat Kohli. He has told how Virat used to practice daily to make himself a better slip fielder. Sridhar has also told that he himself used to get tired while getting Virat to practice.

While interacting with a sports website, R Sridhar said, ‘Virat Kohli became one of the best slip fielders in India just on the basis of his practice. He was not a good fielder for the slips as he was too energetic. I am not saying that he is not that energetic now. He still plays cricket with high energy but now he knows when to keep calm and when to use his energy.

Sridhar says, ‘I am telling an anecdote related to his practice. I used to make him practice slips. When I was tired, I would tell Virat that it is just today. Then he would say that he still has to practice more catches. After that I would make them practice more. I would throw 100 catches towards him. It was not a matter of one day. He practiced this way before many series. Sometimes he would practice more than 100 catches. The way he used to keep practicing catches continuously, his mind was baffled by his energy.

Virat will be in action in Asia Cup 2022
Virat Kohli has been running out of form for a long time. He is not able to play big innings in all three formats of cricket. More than two and a half years have passed since he scored a century. He was also given rest in several recent series. Virat will now return to Team India from the Asia Cup 2022. Virat’s fans are also expected to get back in his rhythm in this tournament.


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