Here is a step-by-step tutorial on using WhatsApp UPI to transfer or receive money.

WhatsApp has become essential everywhere, whether at home or at the office. A few months back, a new version for the instant messaging software owned by meta was released. So that consumers could easily use the UPI, the instant messaging platform merged the messaging and payment functionalities. Users may effortlessly send and receive money with this service.

With just one click and without downloading any additional apps or taking up all of their phone’s capacity, users can now send money using WhatsApp.

Through WhatsApp’s UPI payment capability, users may send money with the same simplicity as sending a message. Simply press the ” symbol while speaking with your contact to begin a UPI payment, or scan a QR code at one of the more than 20 million Indian companies that accept them.

If you haven’t enabled WhatsApp UPI payments but want to send money quickly and easily, just like sending a message, keep reading. The information below includes step-by-step instructions for arranging payments in WhatsApp’s chat interface window.

An explanation of how to use WhatsApp’s UPI functionality step by step:

Launch WhatsApp.

– Enter the person’s chat room where you wish to pay them money.

– Select the message bar’s “icon.”

– Select the “Payment” menu item.

– Select Add your payment option from the menu.

– Choose the bank where your account is located.

– Complete the cellphone number that is associated with your bank account.

– WhatsApp will recognise if your mobile number and WhatsApp number are the same automatically.

– Add your accurate bank account information.

– Select Continue from the menu.

– Indicate how much money you need to transfer.

– Enter the UPI PIN for your bank account.

The chat itself allows you to monitor your payment status as well as the transactions you are tracking.


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