How Never Have I Ever Season 3 Was a Turning Point for Devi


Spoiler Warning: Never Have I Ever Seasons 1-3With another two school years come and gone, Never Have I Ever season 3 put fans through the wringer. From Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and Paxton (Darren Barnet) finally getting together to Devi derailing another romantic relationship to some of our favorite characters graduating from high school it isn’t always clear where she will end up as the season moves along and how these changes will impact her.

Season 3 contains a time jump. We go through about a year and a half of time, finishing up sophomore year as Paxton breaks up with Devi because of her insecurities in their relationship to ending the season as her junior year comes to a close. She and her friends watch as Paxton graduates, and they make decisions regarding where they will be spending their senior year and who they will be spending it with.


Over the course of the new season, Devi really grew as a character and seems to finally figure out who she is and what she needs in life. Here’s how she did it.

Devi Confronted the Last of Her Grief


Since season 1, Devi has struggled with the passing of her father. From losing her last voicemail from him, which was a comfort for her, to struggling to find a healthy medium with her mother, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan), she has worked through her grief as it comes up and tried to develop a better relationship with her family as a result. Season 3 certainly shows the strides she and her mother have had, from Nalini allowing her to date to defending Devi’s actions in that relationship.


The season also showed Devi confronting what could be considered the final triggers of her grief. Her narrator John McEnroe, the famous tennis player, says there wasn’t a spring concert during her sophomore year, so the spring concert shown in season 3 is during her junior year. This makes it the first one since her father died.

Experiencing the event where her father died again certainly has an impact on Devi, as she runs to the bathroom and sits on the floor crying and hyperventilating. Still, it was an important part of working through her grief. The event felt like the final situation that she had to encounter in her journey to accepting her father’s death, giving her the ability to grow and really be herself again.

She Realized What Was Important to Her


As the season comes to a close, Devi is awarded a scholarship that could take her away from her home, family, and friends for her final year of high school. It was an opportunity she might not have had simply because the school was in another state and her mother’s dermatology clinic wasn’t something that could just be moved. It is something she earned over every other eleventh-grade student at Sherman Oaks, even her academic rival Ben (Jaren Lewison).

Her mother books plane tickets so they can go out and tour the school because she didn’t want her daughter immediately dismissing the opportunity. Shrubland School has a unique philosophy, with classes taking place outside and Devi finally feeling like she was surrounded by people that saw her for who she was. On the trip home, she seems sure of her decision to attend, despite having to leave her friends and everything else she knows. It’s an environment Devi could thrive in without the mockery of her peers or absurd nicknames related to her race and academic performance.


However, she decides she wants another year with Nalini. After everything she experienced with her father’s death, especially how sudden it was, Devi realized that her family could disappear at anytime. That growth and maturity caused her to reject the scholarship and stay at Sherman Oaks for her senior year. Not for her friends, but for her family and what she needed at that point in her life. Season 1 Devi could’ve never made a decision like that.

She Discovered Which Guy Was For Her


Since season 1, Ben has been there for Devi when she needs it the most. He takes her to the beach when her family is going to spread her father’s ashes, comforts her in a bathroom at school when she’s feeling down, and even tells her about the conversation he overheard during the junior year spring concert between her new boyfriend Des (Anirudh Pisharody) and his mother. When he was dating Aneesa (Megan Suri), he was still making sure Devi was okay and creating time for her in his life, even when he shouldn’t have because it was hurting his girlfriend.

In the final episodes, Ben not only warns her about what her boyfriend plans to do but encourages her to stay at Sherman Oaks for senior year. Sure, there are selfish motives there because Ben has never stopped liking Devi, but in these moments, it’s clear on his face that he simply wants what’s best for her. He wants her to be happy, even if that happiness is with someone else or somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Devi is reflecting on life, especially after Paxton indirectly thanked her during his speech at graduation. She realizes that her time spent on or with Paxton helped her throughout her grief, and she thanks him for it. She recognizes that being with Paxton would’ve only ever been a dream, but it was a dream she needed to get through the pain of losing her father. But, not all parts of that dream she had were dead, which leads her to Ben.

With confirmation that a fourth and final season is on the way, fans should have a resolution to that spicy scene the season ended on and what it means for Devi and Ben’s relationship.

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