India overtakes China to become the second largest smartwatch market in 2022

New Delhi: Indian Smartwatch market has overwhelmed the second spot from China in Q2 2022 worldwide, crawling nearer to North America which is holding the primary spot. As per CounterPoint Research’s new report called “Worldwide Smartwatch Model Tracker”, the Indian Smartwatch market has developed by 300% year-by-year premise in Q2 2022 surpassing China for the subsequent spot, with the uncommon ascent of nearby smartwatch producers like Fire-Boltt and Noise.

Curiously, the worldwide shipment market has developed by 13% y-o-y in the midst of high expansion, store network disturbance, and worldwide vulnerabilities. China had seen the greatest plunge in the Smartwatch market with a downfall 9% y-o-y because of monetary lull.

As per Sujeong Lim, the organization’s partner chief, “The market performed generally well in the subsequent quarter contrasted with the downtrend we expected three months prior. Notwithstanding, true to form, China’s financial log jam brought about a YoY decrease in its market, with significant Chinese brands like Huawei, imoo and Amazfit seeing restricted YoY development or decline. By and by, considering that the cell phone market declined 9% YoY during similar period, we accept that the smartwatch market is in good shape to sound development.”

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Apple is the top Smartwatch producer worldwide

Apple is leading the Smartwatch makers worldwide with around 30% piece of the pie, with its shipment rising 8% y-o-y. Samsung is keeping its second spot with 40 % y-o-y development as its Galaxy Watch 4 series keeps up with its fame. While the third spot is taken by Huawei with a 6.8 % piece of the pie, the brand has been the top Smartwatch maker in China for a long time. Be that as it may, the brand will find it challenging to recover its second spot from Samsung after its break from worldwide extension.

India’s arising smartwatch producers

Not just has India’s Smartwatch market filled dramatically in the beyond couple of years, yet its neighborhood producers have additionally performed well overall, contending with huge firms like Apple and Samsung.

Fire-Boltt, India’s Smartwatch producer has turned into the top market player in the area with a wonderful expansion in shipments. Commotion has required the subsequent spot in India’s market with amazingly 298 % y-o-y development. However it has lost the main spot from the Fire-Boltt brand in the Indian market as the last option has a 26 % share.


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