Indian fliers, good news! CANCELLED: the pilot strike by German carrier Lufthansa

Following a last-minute agreement with Germany’s largest airline over a pay dispute, the union representing Lufthansa pilots called off a two-day strike. The Vereinigung Cockpit union had earlier announced preparations for a strike on Wednesday and Thursday in an effort to pressure the corporation into making a “serious” offer in discussions over wage rises. Immediately following the pilots’ walkout on Friday, which led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights, it would have been the second strike in a week. The union said that after hurried discussions on Tuesday, the two parties came to a comprehensive agreement on a number of financial and structural concerns; the specifics would be worked out in the following days.

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The strike was eventually called off by the union. Before the negotiations, Lufthansa had warned that a strike would have “huge ramifications” for its flight schedule and that it would need to decide by midday which flights to cancel in the upcoming days.

What the deal actually involves wasn’t immediately obvious. In order to combat inflation, Vereinigung Cockpit has proposed raising member dues by 5.5% this year and 8.2% in 2023. The arrangement of pilots’ pay and holidays has also been changed. According to the airline, these changes would result in an increase in employee expenses of nearly 40%, or over 900 million euros over two years.


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Instead, it was giving a one-time raise of 900 euros (dollars), which would have increased pay by 5% for senior pilots and 18% for those just entering the field. In Germany, strong unions have historically guaranteed that workers had favourable working conditions, utilising strikes to advance their claims in labour disputes.


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