Indian Railways: The third Vande Bharat train has been tested! Probably will travel between THESE cities

Having successfully completed its tests and being cleared for commercial operation, the third Vande Bharat train will shortly begin operating. The third Vande Bharat train will accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 52 seconds as opposed to the first one’s 54.6 seconds. According to railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, the goal for the railways is to start manufacturing Vande Bharat trains on a regular basis starting in October with the construction of two to three trains each month, increasing to five to eight in the following months. The Railways has a goal of producing 75 of these trains by August 2023. The most recent train has finished all of its testing and is prepared for use in commerce.

According to sources, it would likely run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and make its official debut later this month. Vaishnaw said during a press conference that the new train had several cutting-edge characteristics. He said that the new train’s weight had been decreased by 38 tonnes, which had an impact on its ability to accelerate more quickly.

Thus, the new train would accelerate to 160 kmph in 130 seconds as opposed to 146 seconds for the previous model. Vaishnaw stated, “We will now begin its serial production… Testing is complete… The goal will be that going into October we can start regular production… 2-3 trains every month, then taking it up to 5 and 8,” adding that the majority of these trains will be produced in Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

More passenger comfort facilities will be available on the new train. With a weight reduction from 430 tonnes to 290 tonnes, it will feature a three-hour battery backup. The ride index, a measure of how comfortable a ride is, has been raised to 3.2.

The minister said that in addition to wifi-enabled video on demand, the train would contain 32-inch LCD TVs, an upgrade over the 24-inch ones in the previous iterations. According to reports, the upgraded model would have 15 percent more energy-efficient ACs and pure air conditioning to make the ride more enjoyable.

All classes will now have access to the side reclining seat feature that is now only offered to Executive Class guests. The Roof Mounted Package Unit (RMPU) of the train’s new design has an air purification system that uses photo-catalytic ultraviolet light.

This system is constructed and placed on both ends of RMPU as advised by the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh, to filter and purge the air of germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.


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