IndiGo pilot’s in-flight announcement in English and Punjabi goes viral


There have been multiple videos on the internet where the pilot or crew members have grabbed the netizen’s attention because of a different way of making announcements. In a similar vein, an Indigo pilot’s announcement has got a hold of the netizen’s attention. The incident took place on a Bengaluru to Chandigarh flight, where the captain’s announcement in Punjabi and English induced happiness in the passengers’ minds. It is to be noted that the video was filmed by one of the passengers and was uploaded on Twitter by Danvir Singh.

The video has impressed the netizens as the pilot, instead of welcoming the passengers in just Hindi and English, made the announcements in English and Punjabi. As a result of this slight change, the video of the announcement has now got more than 44k views on Twitter. The video on the social media platform clearly shows the pilot speaking on the microphone. The video on Twitter was uploaded with the caption saying, “Some tips by the Captain in a Punjabi-English mix to passengers on flight Bangalore to Chandigarh.”

The IndiGo pilot starts his announcement with a fun speech while also teaching a lesson to the passengers onboard. The pilot says, “People sitting on the left would be able to show off their photography skills while people on the right will get to see Bhopal. Now, that is for the passengers sitting on the window seats. Meanwhile, people sitting in the aisle will only turn left and right and look at each other.” He further adds, “Lesson learned is what? Take a window seat”

Once the IndiGo pilot has the passenger’s attention, he asks them to follow Covid protocols and wear a mask at all times. Later on, the pilot addresses something that often happens after landing, i.e., passengers rushing to get their luggage and trying to get out of the plane as soon as possible. The pilot says, “Your luggage is safe. Till the time the doors don’t open, kindly remain seated. Luggage is totally safe with you.”

While many of the netizens appreciated the pilot’s way of making the announcement, one of the netizens reminisced about his experience with the same captain. “I flew with the same gentleman as our captain (Plane coming from IXC) this year. He gave a similar briefing – crisp & enjoyable. His flying skills were at par with his language skills. Had a smooth flight and landing despite cloudy & windy weather due to monsoon,” he said.

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