Instagram launches a new parental control feature in India

Instagram, an American social media platform for sharing photos and videos, has launched a new Family Center in India as well as a new parental control feature. Meta revealed it this year in March, according to Mashable India, the business that owns Instagram.

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Parents will have access to information and methods for monitoring from the Family Centre’s professionals. They will be able to monitor how much time their kids spend in front of a device. In India, Meta has announced on their blog a new parental control tool and Family Center that would give parents information about their children’s screen time for protection.

They said that the Family Center was created following consultations with specialists, parents, and youngsters. The Family Center, according to Meta, is a location where parents may “monitor their teenagers’ profiles inside Meta technology.”

According to Mashable India, it provides access to several materials on “how to talk with their adolescents about Internet use.” It should be mentioned that access to the supervision tools will only be granted with the consent of the parents and the youth.

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In addition, Meta stated that anybody may delete this feature from their account and the other person will be notified of the deletion. Earlier, the corporation had launched these tools and the Family Centre to the United States of America; however, it has now chosen to roll out in India as well, according to Mashable India.


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