IRCTC rules, pay full amount for kids below 5 years on THIS ticket booking

Indian Railways latest news: When travelling with kids on trains with Indian Railways, passengers have various concerns about ticket bookings. Indian Railways doesn’t charge amount for kids below 5 years of age if tickets are not booked. However, by adding infant seats in the trains, Indian Railways and IRCTC have changed the booking norms. A quick check on the IRCTC website reveals that full fare has to be paid by passengers for kids between 1-5 years of age. In order to get free travel for the kids under reservation, one has to select Berth with infant seat (for applicable trains) or Infant without berth option.

As per circular number 12 of 2020 issued on 06.03.2020 by the Indian Railways, kids below 5 years of age doesn’t need a reservation for travelling and can travel on a train without a ticket for free of cost. However, if a berth is required, full adult fare has to be paid by booking a ticket.

Indian Railways recently added baby berths in AC third bogie of Lucknow Mail, that received a lot of appreciation from Netizens. The railways has now implemented the system of giving seats to children below five years of age, while booking tickets on IRCTC and Railway Rersevation booths at the stations. Till now only tickets for children in the age group of 5 to 11 years were allowed.

Indian Railways ticket booking rules for kids

As the rule applies, if you are taking a full berth for the kid between 5-11 years of age, only than full fare has be paid to the Railways. If you don’t take a full berth, you have to pay only half the ticket price. However, when it comes to children below 5 years, the Passenger Reservation System has not put any option of not taking a child berth after filling the names of children between the age of one to four years.

Age 0-4 years: Free of cost for kids if you select Infant berth/ Infant with no berth depending on the train. Else pay the full charge if berth is taken

Age 5-11 years: Full charge if you select the whole berth, half price if you select a child seat without berth

Age 12 years onwards: Full charge for everyone

Passengers who are looking to book a ticket, have to book a train berth with infant seat to avail full discount on the train ticket. While Indian Railways and IRCTC have not made any formal announcement on the matter, the new ticket rules have been applied on the IRCTC’s website already.

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