Jim Ratcliffe is keen to buy Manchester United, know how much is the market cap of this club

Jim Ratcliffe: British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe is keen to buy Manchester United football club. This report has come to the fore after Elon Musk’s funny tweet related to buying Manchester United on Tuesday night. Let us tell you that Elon Musk wrote in his tweet that he is going to buy Manchester United. However, four and a half hours later, he had clarified in another tweet that the talk of buying the football club was just a joke.

After this story of Elon Musk, it is being said in a report quoting sources close to Jim Ratcliffe that Jim can buy Manchester United. He wants to help rebuild this team. Although his wish could reach a deal, it is very difficult. This is because the American Glaser family, which owns Manchester United, is unwilling to accept any stake in the control of the football club and expect the club’s market cap to double. Currently, Manchester United has a market cap of $2.2 billion.

Manchester United have not been able to win the English Premier League title for a long time. In the current season too, they are at the bottom of the league table. In such a situation, United fans are constantly targeting the Glaser family. The Glaser family has also been criticized for not improving the club’s home ground ‘Old Trafford Stadium’. Let us tell you that the Glaser family bought Manchester United in the year 2005.

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