Kevin Smith promises to continue making films and teases Clerks 4

Since a fourth movie will always be conceivable as long as Kevin Smith is alive, he isn’t necessary aiming for Clerks to be a trilogy.

The director Kevin Smith has hinted that he may one day release a fourth instalment of the Clerks series since he does not believe that movie franchises should conclude with trilogies. After several attempts by Smith to have the sequel created in the past with little success, Clerks III will finally make its theatrical debut this month. The movie returns to the story’s origins and stars Dante O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson in their respective roles as Quick Stop employees Randal Graves and Dante Hicks from the previous two films.

I’ll never stop playing the Clerks characters because I’ve discovered that Dante and Randall are my secret hearts. They’re all personal because I steal from my own life. But these Clerks pictures have ended up being like, ‘Oh, that’s him doing him.’ That’s as close to Kevin as we get.


It’s like, “Oh, that was my life, that was my thing, that’s what my girlfriend said to me at the time, that’s what my friend said to me,” when I watch the biopic Clerks. “So all the movies I make, whether or not I tried to make them, they’re very personal because I’m not talented enough to create s*** so I crib from my own life. In this one, I probably cribbed the most from my real life since maybe the first Clerksmaybe

Thanks to Lionsgate and Fathom Events, Clerks III will be shown in cinemas from September 13–18. You can check out more details at the official Clerks III website. The show will also be touring with Kevin Smith for what is being dubbed The Convenience Tour.

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