Maharashtra businessman offered a job to Vinod Kambli, this has been the journey of this player



Vinod Kambli Job Offer: Recently, news related to former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli had made a lot of headlines. Actually, Vinod Kambli said in his recent interview that his family is running on only 30 thousand pension, which he gets from the Indian Cricket Board. Also, this former cricketer had requested to give some work related to cricket. Now Sandeep Thorat, a businessman from Maharashtra has come forward to help Vinod Kambli.

Vinod Kambli gets job offer from businessman

Businessman Sandeep Thorat has offered a job to the former cricketer with a monthly salary of Rs 1 lakh. However, it is being said that this job is not related to cricket. According to Marathi media, Kambli has been offered a job in the finance department of Sahyadri Industries Group in Mumbai. Actually, there was a time when it was believed that Vinod Kambli would go far in the world of cricket, but over time this player became anonymous.

Kambli could not bear the pressure of international cricket!

Actually, it has been claimed that Vinod Kambli could not bear the pressure of international cricket. Although, this player made a great debut in international cricket, but could not maintain his success over time. At that time Vinod Kambli was compared to the great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. At the same time, talking about Vinod Kambli’s Test career, he scored 793 runs in 7 Test matches.




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