Maheep Kapoor discloses She walked out with Sanjay Kapoor when he cheated on her.

Maheep Kapoor, one of the star wives on the second season of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, has revealed a significant discovery regarding her actor husband Sanjay Kapoor. Sanjay and Maheep have been wed for 25 years.

Maheep and Seema Sajdeh may be heard discussing the event on Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2. Now that you know, Seema. In the beginning of my marriage, Sanjay committed some sort of indiscretion. Together with Shanaya, I left. I defended myself, but I also had a new kid at the time. Again, my child comes first for me as a mother and a woman. I owed my daughter this incredible father, who is also great. I had a duty to myself. And if I had ended this relationship, I would have regretted it my entire life, if I could go back in time. Because this is their haven, my house is where my kids and hubby can feel safe.

They require tranquilly. And I believe Sanjay also delivers that to me “said Maheep.

When Seema inquires later on if she has pardoned Sanjay, Maheep responded, “Of course, what occurred (happened) a century ago. And I want to let you know that I, personally, am happy we relocated. Marriage is a grey area. I am aware that his marriage is a permanent one.”

Maheep discussed this in an interview with She stated: “We have pushed the limits. I’m hoping that ladies would recognise that not everything is perfect. Everybody experiences both highs and lows in life. And that is what it is—something we go through while trudging along. When you go deeper, you’ll discover that we all have problems. It was significant.”

The family is unaware that this is being mentioned on the show, according to Maheep. She stated: “No, I haven’t talked about it. They’ll learn from the programme.”

This Friday, Netflix’s Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2 started streaming.

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