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McCarthy team getting ready to win speakership tonight and organizing the House

Rank-and-file Republicans say they expect the House speaker vote to be completed tonight because they think the momentum is on their side. Republicans have endorsed Rep. Kevin McCarthy for speaker.

Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas told CNN that while “we’re headed in the right direction,” Republicans should finish this tonight so that the House can reconvene on Monday and “get some job done.”

“Hopefully we won’t be here tomorrow; like the rest of you, I want to go home. But if we finish everything tonight, we may possibly leave tomorrow and return on Monday morning. Let’s get some work done because everyone else in America is waking up at seven in the morning to go to work, he remarked.

According to Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon, McCarthy’s supporters “certainly have the momentum.”

I hope it’s tonight, as long as we keep working hard and moving in the correct manner, he remarked. “We most certainly are moving forward. They are working on it, but I believe we still need to get one or two votes.

Republicans can rule, but this was not a good start, Bacon said in response to the question. But I believe Kevin McCarthy makes a valid point. We’re going to solve the issues right now. If we can solve the issue right away, we will be in a better position to move on from this.

Elise Stefanik, chair of the House GOP Conference, stated to CNN that she believes “As I predicted more than a year, a year and a half ago, and two years ago, I am convinced Kevin McCarthy will be elected speaker of the House.

She commended the overwhelming majority of their conference for supporting McCarthy: “As you can see, Republicans are working together to permanently remove Nancy Pelosi from office.

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