Netflix ad-based model won’t allow THIS option; Check reveal info about plan


New Delhi: Netflix has been working on a new ads-based subscription model for a while. However, it didn’t reveal any details regarding it except the usual fact that ads will come before/during the programmes. Slowly, new information is trickling down in public domain revealing little more about this new model. According to some reports, download option of movies and shows won’t be availlable in the new ads-based model. You can only watch programmes online.


Netflix has always determined not show ads on the platform unlike other OTT competitors Disney Hotstar and Amazon Prime. But the company has seen huge revenue losses after the biggest downfall of subscribers as the pandemic routs globally. Since then, the company has changed its stand to create a new ads-based susbcription model at a cheap price to attract more paid subscribers to the platform.

What you can’t do in the Netflix cheapest plan?

The ads-based subscription model is going to be the cheapest plan in the subscription catalogue of Netflix. Netflix won’t allow users to watch movies/shows offline in this plan. Simply put, you don’t have option to download your favourite movies or shows for later in times of travelling or bad weather when Internet isn’t working. The option is left for you to buy upgraded subscription models.

Though commercial may not run in kids’ programmes, according to reports. Besides, original movies may be ad-free to not discourage movie makers from the platform in the beginning.


Netflix losses this much paid subscribers

In its quarterly report in July, the company informed to lost almost a million subscribers as the covid-19 pandemic receded and the availability of vaccines increased. Though it was a million less than the company had predicted in April. Still it was the biggest subscribers lost in the company’s 25-year history.

Netflix problem on Password sharing

Netflix losses huge revenue every day because of password sharing. Netflix users usually share their Netflix ID to friends and family. They would be the potential Netflix subscribers if they hadn’t got someone’s ID and password. Netflix is struggling to this problem for a long time and has warned to crackdown on users soon.

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