Pakistan lodges protests against India over the death of Muhammad Ali Hussain

Islamabad: Pakistan has brought in India’s Charge d’Affaires here to stop serious areas of strength for an over the passing of a Pakistani detainee in Kashmir, in what it named a “phony experience”. The Foreign Office (FO) said in a proclamation that the Indian Charge d’Affaires was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday. It said that a solid dissent was stopped against the killing of Pakistani detainee Muhammad Ali Hussain by Indian Forces in a “phony experience”. Hussain had been imprisoned in Kot Bhalwal Prison in Kashmir starting around 2006.

“Actually Hussain’s passing was only relentless homicide,” said the FO, adding that Pakistan’s significant worries over the security, security and prosperity of different Pakistani detainees in Indian guardianship were additionally raised.

Pakistan likewise requested that the Indian government should quickly share the subtleties of this specific episode, including a sound posthumous report to decide the reason for death and embrace a straightforward examination to bring to account whoever is liable for the homicide of the Pakistani detainee.

“The Government of India has likewise been called upon to guarantee instant and quick bringing home of the human remaining parts of the departed to Pakistan, according to the desires of his family,” said the FO.

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