Pay a single payment and receive Rs 50,000 per month for life under the LIC Saral Pension Yojana.

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The specifics of LIC’s policy, which states that you begin receiving money at the age of 40, are provided below. Saral Pension Yojana is the name of this programme, under which you are eligible to receive a pension beginning at age 40. Examining this plan, please.

The insurance’s premium

This is a form of single premium pension plan where you just have to pay the premium once and can get benefits for the rest of your life. As an instant annuity plan, the Saral Pension Yojana allows you to begin receiving a pension as soon as you purchase the insurance. Your pension will never change after you purchase the coverage.

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Regulations and Rules

This premium comes in two different types.

Single Life: The insurance will continue to be in the policyholder’s name in this case. Policy cannot ever be transferred to another individual, under any circumstances. The pensioner will continue to get it as long as he is alive. The base payment will be reimbursed to his nominee upon his passing.

Joint life: Both couples are covered under this. The main pensioners will continue to get benefits as long as they are still alive. His spouse will continue to get a pension after his passing. The base premium sum will be given to his nominee upon his passing.

Maximum age

The age requirement to participate in this programme is 40 years old, with an 80 year maximum.

advantages of this policy

– Because it is a whole-life insurance, the pension is accessible throughout the duration of the policy.

– Saral Pension Policy may be cancelled at any moment after the first six-month period.

You are able to receive a pension each month.

In addition, it can be taken on a quarterly, half-yearly, and annual basis.

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pension programme

You need to accept a pension of at least 1,000 rupees if you desire money each month. You must select a pension in this that is at least Rs. 12,000. Once you have made a single premium deposit of Rs. 10 lakh, you will begin receiving Rs. 50,250 every year. In addition, if you wish your deposited cash back in the middle, you receive it back after subtracting 5%.


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