PCB lifts the curtain from the conversation between Virat Kohli and Shaheen Afridi, see

In the Asia Cup 2022, India and Pakistan will meet on 28 August. At the same time, both the teams are practicing fiercely before this match. At the same time, before practice, a special video of a conversation between Indian team’s legendary batsman Virat Kohli and Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Afridi, who was out due to injury from the Asia Cup, became increasingly viral on social media. However, what was the conversation between the two in that video was not clearly known. But now the PCB has lifted the curtain and posted a video of what happened between them on social media.

What happened between Virat and Shaheen

Virat Kohli: How are you Shaheen? how is it?

Shaheen Afridi: It’s better now Inshallah

Virat Kohli: What happened?

Shaheen Afridi: Knee Injury

Virat Kohli: Tear done

Shaheen Afridi: ACL

Virat Kohli: How ACL

Shaheen Afridi: In the World Cup, praying for you to get back in form

Virat Kohli: Thank you

Shaheen Afridi: Wants to see you

Virat Kohli: Thanks, take care of yourself, see you again.



Virat also met Babar
Team India has reached Dubai for the 2022 Asia Cup to be played in the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the players of Team India met many players from Pakistan and Afghanistan. During this, King Kohli met Babar and shook hands. BCCI has shared its video on Twitter, which is becoming increasingly viral. Let us tell you that apart from Babar, Virat was a legend of Pakistan and currently also met his team’s batting coach Mohammad Yusuf.




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