‘Planning, Testing and…’: Abhishek Parakkat’s start-up mantra is a must read


To be affluent and productive in business, you must have the right attitude. You’ll need some principal skills to get started, organize it while you’re at it, and then work on it. To gather the necessary resources and complete the project on time, an entrepreneur must be resourceful, clever, and cautious. You must also be aware of your competitors and any weaknesses you can exploit. 

Starting a business calls for extensive research and data analysis. Business can be obtained directly from the source. Entrepreneurship can be extremely fulfilling. Having the courage to take a risk and start a business is a necessary part of the job. 

Success brings many benefits. You are your own boss as a business owner. You will not be fired. You have the freedom to make decisions that are critical to the success of your business, and at the age of 23, it is a little complicated but not impossible, according to Abhishek Parakkat, an entrepreneur and social media personality. 

Parakkat, the owner of Parakkat Jewels, Parakkat Nature Resort, Parakkat Weddings, Parakkat Software, and Parakkat Photography, lists a few points to launch a successful start-up. 

“How to run a business can never be taught. The planning, testing, and defining are must to start a successful firm. creativity and wise money management,” Parakkat says.

Parakkat further thinks that going on ground is must. One must learn what the end-user wants. For the same, on ground testing is important. 

“Plans can be made in air-conditioned halls, but you need to travel to the ground level to have a good grasp of what your ideal customer looks like.”

Parakkad says that he has invested in fields that rarely fail Weddings- Every couple values this day greatly, so the celebration must be treated and approached in the same manner; Jwellery – Indian women are obsessed with jewelry and ornaments; Tourism – a nature resort in Kerala.

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