Possibly all iPhone 15 devices will include the Dynamic Island function.

The Dynamic Island function of tech giant Apple apparently will be included to all iPhone 15 models, which will most likely be introduced early in 2019.

The front camera and Face ID sensors on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max are encased in a pill-shaped region called Dynamic Island.

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“On the 15, conventional models of Dynamic Island are anticipated. Because the supply chain cannot handle it, we are still not anticipating 120Hz/LTPO on conventional models “based on Ross Young’s analysis of the display business.

When iOS 16.1 launches later this year, the functionality will interact with Live Activities in third-party applications and can display system warnings for things like incoming phone calls and the Face ID login question.

According to a recent report, some app developers created games based on the new home screen layout.

‘Hit the Island,’ an app developed by Kriss Smolka, is a Pong-style game. To score points, the user is challenged to bounce a ball between the paddle and the Dynamic Island.

The Apollo software for Reddit was created by Christian Selig, who also gave users the amusing choice of keeping a pixelated pet on Dynamic Island.

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