Putin urges Russian women to produce more kids and get rewarded

New Delhi: In an attempt to repopulate the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin, on August 15, has announced to offer women a reward of 13 lakhs who give birth to 10 kids. Putin has restored the title “Mother Heroine,” which was established by Joseph Stalin in 1944 following the country’s significant loss of life in World War II.

Russia is observing a decline in the birth rate for a few years, with figures falling by 400,000, dragging the numbers to 145.1 million. In view of this, Putin is encouraging Russian women to give birth to new ones to help repopulate the country.

This honorific title was awarded to more than 400,000 citizens, but it was abolished with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Putin has referred to the prize as needing “cardinal” steps to solve the nation’s rapid demographic reduction.

Mothers in Russia, to receive a monetary reward of 1 million rubles (around 13 lakh rupees) when their 10th child turns one and the other nine are still alive unless they are killed in terrorism or armed conflicts. The Russian flag will be painted on gold medals awarded to “Mother Heroine” winners. According to The Moscow Times, the honor is on par with other state orders like the Hero of Labor and the Hero of Russia in terms of significance.

The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic has contributed to the pace of deterioration nearly double since 2021 and nearly tripling since the previous year.

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