Ronaldo will break the law by moving in with his girlfriend in Saudi Arabia.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo One of the most renowned football players in history, Cristiano Ronaldo, just left Manchester United and joined the Al-Nasr Club in Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo has traveled to Saudi Arabia since joining the team. From this club, he will make about 175 million pounds a year. He will be observed breaching a national law after arriving here. Actually, Ronald and Georgina Rodriguez will reside in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden to cohabitate with a girlfriend before to marriage.

Will Ronaldo receive a penalty?

It is anticipated that Ronaldo won’t face any consequences in this situation. because Ronaldo is one of the world’s fittest athletes. EFE, a Spanish news organization, reports that Ronaldo won’t face punishment due of his unique situation. The authorities in this country do not wish to become involved in this situation, according to two Saudi attorneys.

Although cohabitation without a marriage contract is still against the law, no one has been punished by the authorities, according to a lawyer. Of course, when a problem or crime occurs, these laws are applied.


Another attorney commented on the subject, saying that although the law still forbids cohabitation outside of marriage, Saudi Arabian authorities currently do not meddle in this matter (in the case of foreigners).

It’s noteworthy that Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez also have two daughters, Bella and Alana. Let us say that Ronaldo and Georgina first met in 2016, when Ronaldo was a Real Madrid player. Ronald also has three other children, two of them are twins, Kistiano Junior and Eva & Mateo.


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