Shami’s records that will be difficult for any bowler to break on his birthday

Cheers to Mohammed Shami’s birthday! Team India: Mohammed Shami, a fast bowler for the Indian cricket team, has frequently thrown risky deliveries during international matches. The Indian team has frequently won with ease because to Shami’s prowess. The day today is Shami’s 32nd birthday (3 September 2022). Read a few unique records about him that will be difficult for any bowler to break on this particular occasion.

In ODI matches, Shami has 152 wickets for India. In this style, he has accomplished numerous significant feats. Shami is the Indian bowler to reach 150 ODI wickets most quickly. He played 80 matches to get this rank. In terms of top ODI strike rate among Indian bowlers, he comes in #1. The World Cup has seen Shami score three goals. In ODIs, he averages 25.72 and has a 5.60 economy.

Significantly, in 82 ODIs, Shami has claimed 152 wickets. He has nine times in this taken four or more wickets in one innings. In 114 innings of test matches, he has 216 wickets to his credit. Shami has six five-five wicket hauls in test matches. He also participated in T20 international competitions. He has 18 wickets to his name in this. Shami has excelled in the IPL as well. In 93 games, he has collected 99 wickets.

Interestingly, Shami has taken 100 ODI wickets faster than any other Indian bowler. He played 56 games to get to this position. In this situation, Jasprit Bumrah comes in second. 100 wickets were taken in 57 games by him. Kuldeep Yadav, who has played 58 matches, is in third position.





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