Spy agency chief charged over top-secret leaks

An accusation of divulging state secrets has led to the indictment of Denmark’s former defence intelligence head.

Lars Findsen, the nation’s former director of foreign intelligence, has been officially accused by Danish prosecutors with disclosing highly-classified state secrets to six individuals, including two journalists.

According to a statement from Denmark’s Police Intelligence Service, Findsen, who was fired from his position as the leader of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) in August 2020, is facing a six-count indictment in Viborg (PET). In order to keep any trial secret, the prosecution is pursuing the case at the magistrate level and arguing that Findsen would get a sentence of less than four years in jail if found guilty.

According to the PET, the breaches happened over a period of 16 or 17 months. Findsen, who led the FE since 2015 and supervised domestic intelligence as the director of PET from 2002 to 2007, was suspended before to that. He was one of four persons detained in December 2017 as part of a “long and intensive” investigation by East Jutland Police and PET.

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According to Jacob Berger Nielsen, state attorney in Viborg, “it is obviously severe when secrets or other private material that is necessary for the intelligence services’ job to preserve Denmark’s security is handed on to unauthorised parties.” There is a chance that it will spread to a larger audience. If their working procedures are made public, it might harm their relationships with their partners and make it harder for them to do their jobs.

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