The capital city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, will host the fourth SCO summit.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit will be held in Samarkand, the cultural centre of Uzbekistan, from May 15 to May 16. The city has been prepared to welcome 15 international leaders, including Prime Minister Modi, Presidents Putin of Russia, and Xi of China. The SCO Summit is being hosted by Uzbekistan for the fourth time (2004, 2010, and 2016), although Samarkand is hosting the summit for the first time.

The city now boasts a new airport that is shaped like a “open book,” signifying Mirzo Ulugbek’s major contribution, “Zizhijadidi Kuragoniy” or the New Astronomical Table of Kuragoni, and is considered to be a fusion of the past and present. The structure has a 175 metre width and a 25 metre height, and its roof is decorated with stars. The airport has a capacity of 800 passengers per hour and 120 flights per week. With the use of contemporary technology, luggage check-in firmly establishes Samarkand as a major tourist destination.

The eldest son of Shah Rukh and the grandson of Timur was Ulugbek. The Timurid Sultan is renowned for his contributions to trigonometry, astronomy, and mathematics. His observatory in Samarkand, which was constructed in 1449, can determine the sun’s distance from the horizon, a star’s height, and other planets with astounding precision.

The Silk Road Samarkand Tourist Center has been constructed to welcome SCO visitors as it aims to hold several events during the summit in order to make the city more tourist-friendly. The primary building takes approximately 135 hectares of space. On the two banks of the renowned Samarkand Rowing Canal, a Congress Hall has been constructed where meetings of the SCO leaders will take place. The main hall, which will be used for meetings of the SCO leaders, is 65 by 65 metres in size and 14 metres in height. Its total surface is 2800 square metres.

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Eight top-tier hotels with a combined capacity of around 1,200 rooms have opened their doors to welcome new visitors. One of them, the “Samarkand Regency Amir Temur,” is the first and so far only hotel in Central Asia to be a member of the Leading Hotels of the World organisation. Two of them are within the 5-star level.


Samarkand Rowing Canal is a new local landmark that has been constructed. The canal is more than 150 metres broad and 2,180 metres long. Keep in mind that Samarkand will host the rowing competitions at the 2025 Asian Youth Olympic Games, which Uzbekistan will host.

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