These five “miracle seeds” will regulate your hormones.

Hormones, which are chemical messengers, play a crucial part in our general well-being, regulating everything from our menstrual cycle to controlling our hunger. In addition to other health problems, a diet low in nutrients is likely to affect our hormones.

Hormone imbalances may have an impact on how well our bodies work, which can result in a number of issues, including infertility and PCOS, among others. Because of this, it’s essential to pay close attention to your hormone balance.


Recently, dietitian Manpreet shared some “wonder seeds” on Instagram that might help regulate your hormones.

the chia seed

These seeds are a good source of fibre, calcium, and omega 3. Premenstrual symptoms have been found to improve with chia seeds. The seeds should soak for at least two hours. You may then add them to smoothies, curd, or consume them with fruits, she said.

Flax seeds

Omega 3 and fibre are both found in abundance in flax seeds. They support the production of oestrogen and increase fertility. A teaspoon of flax seeds that have been roasted and crushed can be added to curd, salad, smoothies, water, and buttermilk.

semolina seeds

These seeds, which are high in calcium, iron, and fibre, can be eaten by mixing them with vegetables, chutney, and ladoos, or by incorporating them into the dough for chapati.

kernels of sunflower

Sunflower seeds increase progesterone and are a strong source of vitamin E and selenium. The seeds can be soaked before eating them, or you can add the seeds to curd and smoothies.

squash seeds

Magnesium, zinc, and omega 3 are all abundant in these seeds. Pumpkin seeds can be used in smoothies and salads. Additionally, you may prepare pumpkin seed butter or eat these seeds with fruits.


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