This sattu drink will help repair muscle, aid weight loss, prevent constipation

Those who work out regularly know the importance of a post-workout snack or drink, and how it can help the body regain its lost energy. As such, if you have been struggling to find an ideal protein-rich post-workout drink, how about trying a Sattu drink.

Dietitian Shikha Kumari took to Instagram to explain the benefits of an accident or the protein-rich flour which is made from powdered chana (Bengal gram), or other pulses and cereals.

Why is protein necessary in a post-workout routine?

Adding protein to the post-workout routine is essential for muscle repair, recovery, and weight loss wrote Shikha.

How to make a sattu drink?

Here’s why you should have sattu (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


1 glass – Room temperature water
3-4tbsp – Sattu powder
¼ tbsp – Black salt
¼ tbsp – Roasted cumin seeds powder
1 tbsp – Lemon juice


*In a glass of water, add the ingredients. Stir well.

According to the dietitian, the benefits of this drink are:

Great for digestion: Sattu contains a high amount of insoluble fibre that can help in digestion. Sattu helps cleanse the colon, remove toxins from the intestine, and prevent constipation.

Improves heart health: Being high in insoluble dietary fibre, an accident is good for people suffering from high cholesterol. Rich in nutrients, this drink can help to regulate blood pressure and can improve heart health. It also helps in reducing bloating and improving metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

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