Top 5 features to look out for in iOS 16

Apple announced the release date for iOS 16 during its Far Out event. On September 12, 2018. At the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the software’s initial free update was announced; the beta version followed in July. The stable version will now be available beginning on September 12.

The iOS 16 operating system will be available for other devices the following week, but the new Apple iPhone 14 models will arrive with it. The new operating system has a number of new features, including an improved lock screen, iCloud Shared Photo Library, texting, and other changes. Users using iPhones will notice the following changes.

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The next OS upgrade will offer a more customised lock screen by allowing users to alter the font, colour, and placement of elements on it. Some other major improvements to the lock screen include the option to customise how the date and time information appears on it, choose from a variety of widgets that would show on it, and access Live Activities straight from it. Swiping allows the user to test on numerous looks.

Focusing Mode

Focus Mode was unveiled by Apple with iOS15. A substantial improvement to the Focus filters will be included in the forthcoming OS release, enabling users to set limitations for each Focus feature that has been activated in Apple apps including Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari. By integrating lock screen to Focus, the user may modify both the look and the operation of his or her iPhone at once.


Users will be able to modify or unsend messages for the first time ever with the most recent Apple software. Users have the opportunity to edit or recall transmitted messages in the event of typos or if they mistakenly send an incomplete message. On iOS 16, users may also mark messages and threads as unread. Additionally, the user can retrieve deleted communications for up to 30 days.

parental authority

With all required parental controls already installed, Quick Start, a feature of the new software, makes it simple to set up a new iOS device for your child. There is a new family checklist accessible that gives suggestions and guidance on the child’s account.

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There is a new Safety Check feature under Privacy that enables victims of domestic or intimate partner violence to quickly reset the access that has been granted to others. It helps the user manage which programmes and people they have given access to.

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